Multimedia Engineering

Multimedia Engineering's mission is to become your preferred provider of consulting and engineering services and provide your company with the experience and expertise required to build the most cost effective and time efficient rich media technology solutions. Improving your business's return on its investment through outsourcing or flexible staffing is not a new concept. Firms of all sizes and genres have been outsourcing legal, accounting, public relations, advertising and janitorial services for a long time.

Information systems have changed greatly since the coming of desktop computing. Previously, only very large companies, the federal and state governments and institutions of higher learning had the wherewithal to invest money and time to build computerized information systems. Nowadays, it is available and affordable to most everyone and every business. It is still important, however, to recognize and always remember what your core business is. If you own a hardware store that you inherited from your grandfather, or a real estate brokerage, or an architectural millwork or a home remodel contracting business there is no argument that information systems and technology play a role in operations both on your end and on your suppliers end. That is not to say that you are in the information technology business. You must consider whether or not it makes sense to take time and resources away from your fundamental business operations to solve a problem with or implement an upgrade to your information system.

Your first challenge is to define the goals and objectives of your project. This should always be in conjunction with the available budget and preferred timeline. Sometimes it is difficult to establish the technical requirements and cost considerations from a broadly defined goal. Multimedia Engineering can be your technology consultant, assist you with your strategy, assemble a list of design options for you and guide you to a better understanding of what you need, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to achieve your goals. Multimedia Engineering can also help you sift through a desk full of proposals offered by other companies, so that you may make the most informed decision possible. On the hardware side, we will even represent your company on technology design issues if you are part of a large scale relocation involving numerous architects, engineers and contractors. On the software side, we will work with your existing staff to maximize any previous investment in, e.g. electronic marketing materials (CD, DVD), existing website, databases, and other assets, etc. and help you to produce and/or host your next generation of information assets quickly and efficiently.

Once the plan is finalized, Multimedia Engineering can help you to manage the accumulation of needed material assets, take the lead in repurposing existing hard and/or soft assets, and be heavily involved with the preparation of the project for implementation or distribution.