Multimedia Engineering

"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?!" H.M Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927.

Many giants of industry have been unable to think outside of the box. In order to survive, any organism, whether biological or technological must adapt to the changes in its environment. Sometimes, just laying out the problem to someone outside the immediate sphere of activity can be therapeutic and beneficial to the health of an idea or project. Engineering is applied science. Consulting is more like applied coaching. You hire an engineer to solve a problem, because that is what engineering is all about. You hire a consultant to help you identify and describe problems and chart out possible solutions that fit your needs. Not all engineers make good consultants because they are too regimented. Not many consultants are capable of any true engineering because they have never had to implement their own advice. Sometimes, just getting an engineer and consultant to agree on anything is a monumental task. If you have to go outside your firm for technological solutions, and have run up against the timeworn scenario of "My consultant says do this, and my engineer says that's crazy, it's over budget and won't work worth a damn!" you probably felt frustrated and considered taking the advice of the reseller waiting in the wings to take your money. Just remember, that often leads to hiring another engineer to fix the mess later! Finding the right people on the outside of your business to help is no easier than hiring people to be part of the business on the inside.

Your own organizational skills and knowledge about an unsolved challenge is tantamount to the success of finding a consultant that can supply the services you seek in a fast, cost effective and efficient manner. Multimedia Engineering listens to your explanations and provides objective analysis of rich media projects and systems based on our broad experience. Multimedia Engineering can offer you perspective on former, current and future technologies that may effect your project as well as the technical depth required to properly analyze proposals involving equipment evaluation and customized tutorials. If your mission and organizational style are incompatible with our practical solutions, or turn out to be outside our areas of expertise, we will amicably disengage our relationship before a lot of time and money are wasted.