Multimedia Engineering

The engineering of multimedia draws upon the well established areas of motion video, still graphics, animation, audio, and text. Add to that the advantage of high speed internetworking, digital video (DV) and digital versatile disc technology (DVD) and you will be able to further your own or your enterprise's presence in the business community not only locally, but globally. Sales executives are using DVDs to create lively, interactive presentations. Companies are switching over to DVDs for training videos. And artists of all kinds are finding the DVD format ideal for producing portfolios.Understanding the challenges and navigating the path to better knowledge management can be tricky. There are numerous services that must be drawn upon to create good multimedia projects and networks efficiently and cost effectively. Conversion and manipulation of existing media assets, both hardware and software, may or may not be the way to go. Sometimes starting over from the beginning is the best solution.

Drawing upon years of experience in the radio and television broadcast industries, consumer high fidelity audio and video, wireless electronics, the internet delivery, and educational interactive media library management, Multimedia Engineering recognizes the diverse nature of expectations new technologies brings to the forefront. Proper engineering of a new "system" or management of a new "project" underscores the desire to implement only the necessary and affordable options available .... but it is, nonetheless, fun to entertain what may not be financially prudent. Everyone needs to have a dream! If you consider how long electricity and magnetism have been the object of study and scrutiny, it is no wonder that it plays such a large role in the way we live our lives.