Multimedia Engineering

Q: What do you do?

A: The focus at Multimedia Engineering is solving problems. The phrase "solution provider" has been propelled by the marketing folks into the main stream, but engineers have been doing just that since the days of the first machines. Most of the work that comes this way is based in the transition from analog media to digital media. The nature of this work takes the form of design, design review, budget and planning, troubleshooting workflows, solving format incompatibility issues and frankly, just getting the machines and the people on a better plane of functionality. For more information, start here.

Q:Who are you?

A: I am me.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: That depends on what you want accomplished and how much time and resources are involved. The rates I charge vary directly. The more work you give me to do, the less the hourly billable rate will be. Some work I will proffer a flat fee beforehand. Give me a call.

Q: Do you replicate CD's and DVD's?

A: Not on site. Small duplication runs I do in house, but the big jobs get farmed out, or I'll provide what you need to do it yourself.

Q: Do you transfer vinyl records to CD?

A: Only if the order is large enough. The setup fee for transfer is $150 plus a per CD charge for capture, editing, optimization and mastering. No 78's.

Q: Mac or Windows?

A: I do my work on Macs (have for years). Apple is so far ahead in rich media computing, it's the obvious choice for me and for you. I check my work on my Windows machine (yeah, I have one) and frankly, I have been involved with both O.S.'s since time began.

Q: What do you mean by rich media?

A: Digital audio, digital video, high resolution graphics and animation.

Q: So you are saying you are an animation expert?

A: No. But I can speak to them on your behalf or work with them or for them.